Fact Sheet: Success with Citrus


Pot or Ground? Pot or Ground?

We have a range of dwarf Citrus that make perfect pot plants. Although naturally dwarfed compared to an in ground tree they will still bear an abundance of fruit. Bigger pots work best, make sure there are good sized drainage holes and that the pot is slightly elevated to allow for water to drain away. Avoid using saucers! Finally use a good quality potting mix such as our Organic Tomato, Herb, & Veggie mix.

If planting in the ground avoid clay soils and boggy areas, build up your garden bed with our quality Garden Mix and consider using our All in One Compost for better drainage. Plant the tree with the graft union well above ground level


Choose a bright open sunny position with at least half a day’s sun; a full day of sunlight works best


Before watering always check the soil for moisture. The amount of water required varies depending on the size of the tree; type of soil, recent rainfall etc, a general guide is in warmer months 2-3 good soakings per week, in the cooler months, once a week.


Fertilise every 2-3 months. A little bit often is the key to success. We recommend using organic fertilisers such as Blood & Bone, Cow Manure, Fish Emulsion, or our Favourite Vitarich, but Chemical Fertilisers such as slow release pellets and powders work fine too

Citrus occasionally require spraying to keep away nasty pests and diseases. Oil based sprays can be used to combat Citrus Leaf miner (the biggest pest), please see our staff for further help with sprays and treatments as we are always happy to help

For further information don’t hesitate to ask us.