Fact Sheet: Beautiful Bonsai

So you want a Bonsai, but what should you do to make sure it looks like the ones in Mr Miyagi’s house on the Karate Kid?

Here’s our guide on how to care for your Bonsai:

Bonsai can be kept outside where they receive morning sun. If you prefer to keep them indoors choose a spot such as a sunny windowsill.  


Bonsai need to be watered regularly, especially in hot weather. They must never be allowed to completely dry out.


Bonsai need re-potting approximately every two to three years depending on the variety of plant. Lift the plant out of its pot, trim off 1/3 of the root system, and then place back in the same pot with some new soil.


Bonsai need pruning to maintain the shape, style and size of your tree. Some useful tools for this job include Bonsai Scissors for general pruning and root trimming, and Bonsai Branch Cutters for trimming branches right back to the trunk. Wire is sometimes used to assist with creating a desirable shape. 


We recommend Multicrop Indoor Plant liquid fertiliser used regularly during the warmer months. Or if you prefer, use a slow release fertiliser such as our NPK All Purpose in spring and again in autumn.

Warning: Bonsai can become addictive

For further information don’t hesitate to ask us.