Searles Water Crystals

are small crystal shaped polymers, which can absorb and store up to 400 times their own weight in water. As well as absorbing water, they also will absorb soluble nutrients, which may be in the water solution.

Searles Water Crystals will help to increase plant growth by increasing the retention of both water and nutrients in the growing media. This means that less water and fertilisers need to be applied to obtain equal to more superior plant growth. This is due to the Water Crystals reducing the rate of water and nutrient loss from evaporation and drainage. The improved water and nutrient retention in the root zone reduce the amount of water and nutrients needed to be supplied throughout the growing cycle.

- Increased Plant Growth

- More efficient use of water

- More efficient use of soluble nutrients

- Saves water, watering time and fertiliser

- pH neutral

- Non- toxic to plants, groundwater, and wildlife

- Lasts up to 5 years
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