Adenium Obesium 125mm Desert Rose

Height: up to 2m in the ground, but more often pot-grown; ideal for bonsai.

Foliage: elongated, mid green, tough; deciduous.

Climate: sub-tropical to tropical, arid; warm temperate frost-free climates; tolerates cold nights.

Soil: prefers well-drained, gritty soil, but tolerates richer loams.

Position: sunny open spot; light shade from hot midday/afternoon sun will reduce leaf scorch.

Flowering: single rose-like flowers in variety of colours and combinations, predominantly pink, white and red.

Feeding: use a long-term controlled-release fertiliser sparingly.

Watering: water when conditions are hot and dry; good drainage is essential. Don't water over dormant period.

Desert rose is a succulent, but unlike most succulents, it doesn't have swollen leaves. Instead, it has a swollen, belly-like trunk known as a caudex, which acts as a moisture store. It more closely resembles a bottle tree or baobab than a typical succulent. As the plant ages, the caudex expands and may divide to form a buttress

Its branches and stems look like those of a frangipani. Its leaves are smaller and mid-green. Desert rose flowers are very like those of oleander, allamanda and frangipani in shape. They have five equally sized and spaced petals surrounding a central yellow "eye" with each on its own short stem. Colour ranges from pink through to deep red, with many variations and combinations available. Flower size will depend on growing conditions, but is on average around 5cm across.

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